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Revive Reentry Homes & Services

Where Felons Help Felons

“Reentry is a process, not a program.”

Revive, meaning “to bring back to life,” was established in 2015 by three formerly incarcerated community members, Layne Pavey, Bill Keizer and Dom Felix, who wanted to help others get through the sometimes grueling and often intimidating process of reentry.  We walked the same path just a short time ago and we know those feelings of uncertainty, trepidation and loneliness.  We’ve asked ourselves those questions: “How will I do?” “What kind of help is out there?” “How do I make sure I don’t go back?”   Our program is based on peer support, encouragement, finding the right resources in our community and holding our heads high together as we navigate this world as community members with felony convictions.  We won’t tell you it will be easy, but we will tell you it is possible to be successful with a prepared mindset and a little help from your friends.  Welcome back….

Phone: (509) 319-1068